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I just got a SATAN'S SIDESHOW Telephone HOT LINE put directly in my studios (where I'm at 98% of the time working like a Mad scientist on crack and Snickers Bars!). So, from now on I can be reached by reached PERSONALLY BY TELEPHONE to keep YOU and EVERYONE updated on there orders - answer questions, and give you all the "inside" info on what's going on here at the SSStudios. So my Faith(less) full FELLOW FREAKS will be the first to know the worst that's going on here in my House of Hell! The HELLS-HOTLINE is hooked up and will working in a few days.

Here is the  SATAN'S SIDESHOW HOT LINE Phone Number:

Make a note of it, it's gonna be a lot of fun to listen to, as well an awesome way of keeping you and all of my other misfit CUSTOMERSSS personally informed of their order status . . .PLUS I really dig the one-on-one interaction via telephone with all of you who support what I do. It really inspires me to hear what you have to say and any suggestions you want to offer up!

This is how it's gonna work:

  • Call anytime 24 hours a day
  • Leave a message with your name, order info (or question) and a night time phone number where you can be reached.
  • I'll be doing ALL of my call-backs twice a week - Wednesday's Nights and Sunday Nights (EST) between the 9pm and Midnight. This way, you won't have to spend YOUR money on a lengthy Long-Distance call (I'll foot the bill by returning your call!). By doing it this way I won't be stuck on the phone all day long 7 days a week when I concentrate on work and making all the stuff that gets ordered!

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